Yoga Sutra Workshop Malmö

Mastering your mind in daily life – Yoga Sutra Workshop


Patajali’s Yoga Sutra was compiled approx. 2000 years ago and is considered the first, and still the most important, text on yoga. It explains for example how the mind works and gives many practical ideas about how we can work with our mind.


During these workshops we will discuss different key aspects from the Yoga Sutra. We will chant the verses we discuss and practise some of the practical tools that yoga has to offer; asana, pranayama and meditation.


You can do the workshops separately or the whole series.


No prior knowledge/experience of yoga needed.


The workshops will mostly be facilitated in English.


Cost: 580 SEK


Dates: Saturday 5 October, Saturday 9 November, Saturday 7 December


Time: 13-17


Place: Manfrinato Hälsocenter, Henrik Smithsgatan 15 C, St. Knut, 211 56 Malmö


Yoga teachers:


Åsa Myrén

has studied and taught yoga for more than 15 years, both with Australia and Sweden as a base. She nowadays live in Malmö and is the founder of Yoga i Malmö. Offering both group and private classes ranging from yoga for rehabilitation to physically demanding, to pranayama, meditation, chanting and yoga philosophy, following the tradition of T. Krishnamacharya.  



Federico Di Fresco

has studied and taught yoga for more than 6 years, both within Argentina and Denmark. He currently lives in Copenhagen, where he offers donation-based group yoga practices, facilitates workshops, and personalised practices following the tradition of T. Krishnamacharya.