Yoga and psychology – Martyn and Christine Neal – Stockholm 20-22 May 2016

I maj kommer Martyn Neal, elev till TKV Desikachar sedan 30 år, tillbaka till Stockholm Han är en välrenommerad och efterfrågad lärare som vi är mycket glada att få till Sverige. Den här gången kommer Martyn tillsammans med sin hustru Christine Neal som är psykoterapeut och yogalärare. Vi har bett Martyn och Christine att ge en kurs om yoga och västerländsk psykologi. Läs mer om den kursen här nedan.


Yoga Sutra and western psychology

Yoga Sutra and western psychology have many similarities concerning the way they consider the mind. Particularly in the desire to understand how and why our feelings, thoughts and behaviour affect our everyday life. Also both look to alleviate suffering through change.


Many yoga concepts such as obstacles (antaraya), suffering and its source (duhkha and klesha), underlying tendencies and habits (vasana and samskara) have equivalent concepts in modern western psychology, especially in the branches which follow the advances made in neurological sciences. Research has shown that the capacity to be attentive is closely linked to calmness and balance in an individual.


Developing a meditative state of mind is a primary objective in yoga practice, through body, breath and close observation of what goes on inside us. Where does this lead us ? What does western psychology propose ?


During the course, through lectures and workshops, we will share with you our vision of yoga and western psychology as complimentary fields, pointing out however the differences between the two and where we should be carefull in handling them jointly. Yoga practices, including some chanting, will also be part of the course, with plenty of time for questions.


Martyn Neal

Studied with TKV Desikachar for over 30 years. Teacher trainer in the French Institute of Yoga.


Christine Neal

Psychotherapist and yoga teacher. Trained in Gestalt and Life Span Integration.


Time schedule:
Friday 10.00-12.30 + 14.30-17.30
Saturday 9-12 + 14-17
Sunday 9-13

Seminar place:
GIH, Idrottshögskolan, Lidingövägen 1, Stockholm, Sweden

Course fee:
3200 SEK

The course is open both to yoga teachers and yoga practitioners. To register to the course please contact us via e-mail or phone:
Hanna: +46 70 353 87 38
Karina +46 70 653 30 75

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